The first time the NFC technology Mobitel Sim ~ Novel Technology information of ten directions to the world.

The first time the NFC technology Mobitel Sim

Near Field Communication NFC technology is a popular technology worldwide. Technological development and becoming one of the world's first NFC Mobitel containing a SIM technology was introduced to Sri Lankans. This brings in the safe and efficient payments market activities.

Mobitel Business Solutions now has a pool of applications using NFC technology design suite. This is a prominent NFC fuel card management system. By using this application is a lot of data on the part of companies to set their own fuel efficient and well-controlled urge to. Strength, user data, reports and statistics data from conventional fuel chit-based testing methods would minimize the bad Conduct NFC fuel card management system from that.

Mobitel loyalty programe and Club Magnate is the best NFC technology for that purpose. Mobitel loyalty programe by Mobitel post-paid and pre-paid customers special discounts given that states.
Another SIM-based NFC services for attendance management system, identification & access control system, visitor management system and parking management and practices.
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