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iOS 8, the most significant update to Apple from the App Store

There are 800 million Apple mobile devices, of which 89% use iOS 7.
Apple iOS 8

Hundred million iPod Touch, iPad 200 million and 500 million iPhones sold worldwide. These are impressive numbers that Tim Cook wields on stage at Moscone Center just before presenting the iOS 8, ​​the new version of Apple's mobile operating system.

For starters, 89% of the owners of an iPhone or iPad iOS adopted 7 introduced last year, compared with 9% of terse Android users who have upgraded to Kitkat. Which, according to Cook, means that the vast majority of the owners of a terminal operating system with Google can not enjoy the improvements of the latest versions of your OS.

According to the CEO of Apple, iOS 8 is the biggest update since the launch of the App Store. Notifications, for example, have become interactive. This means, for example, that if you an SMS, or Facebook message appears, can answer it right from the Notifications panel, without having to enter the application.

Also new: until now, double-click the only physical button on an iPhone was used to see the latest applications. From now on, will also appear on screen, at the top, most used contacts, which will help matters much when making a call or send a message.

And within posts, more news. Has been added, in effect, the Tap to Talk feature, which lets you share, without leaving the application, voice messages. Something we can be done with a simple gesture that, in addition, it also serves to send videos and photos without leaving the application. If we are talking in a group, we also find new options, including the possibility of compatir location with other participants (an hour, a day, a week, permanently ...) to enable or disable alerts, add or remove contacts or share blocks of several photos or videos at once.

The Mail application, meanwhile, offers suggestions from now depending on the type of message you are writing. If a date appears, have the option to add it to the calendar. If an address, we will pass it on to the agenda without leaving the mail.

Also added another feature that allows "park" the mail that are writing at the bottom of the screen (by dragging it with a finger) so you can see other post, which also can cut content for later pasting in which we are writing.

Regarding Spotlight, we all improvements included in the OSX Yosemite, including access to online content, Wikipedia, news, etc.. Now, in addition to contacts and applications, you can also search for movies , music, bars, books, Wikipedia entries or web pages through its integration with the Safari browser.

Also the keyboard QuickType increases your chances. Suggestions of words, for example, become more 'intelligent' and are ahead of what we are writing in context of the sentence. For example, if you type "do you do", "the weekend after tomorrow," the words appear as suggestions.

The keyboard learns from our writing and makes us personalized suggestions, which change according to what the application you are writing. According to Apple, everything you learn us Quicktype remains in the device and is not sent to the cloud. The new offerings extend QuickType major world languages, including Spanish.

Of course, as with Yosemite on the Mac, including the new iOS8 Handoff, that lets you start a document on an iPhone and an iPad instantly pass or a Mac Likewise, it is also possible to store any content on iCloud Drive . What we've saved instantly appears also in other devices of the brand we have assets.

New applications, such as Health or Family Share , enable us to keep all our information on physical activity, eating or sleeping, or share purchases, pictures and calendars with other family members.

As with Yosemite, the new iOS8 is available starting today for developers and after the summer as a free upgrade for users of iPhone and iPad.
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